“Friday” Roundup

“Friday” Roundup

No work tomorrow!


  • 2/7 perfect days
    • It is only Thursday
  • I changed Bed by 10:30 to Bed by 10
    • Sunday – Wednesday because Friendsday on Thursday is always difficult
  • Weekends are Bed by Midnight now
    • Or else I get really grumpy
  • Cardio changed to Exercise because I’ve been doing more yoga
  • One a Day going well, should practice my fiddle more


  • Priorities this week:
    • Yoga
    • Sleep
    • Cleaning
  • Still doing a lot of reading
  • @ Home distinction is working well
  • Restructured One a Day list
    • 3 categories: easy at work, work planning, not workable
      • Easy @ work
        • Read, write, grad school research
      • Work planning
        • Exercise, fiddle, weekly rotation
      • Not workable
        • Cleaning
  • Removed Stretching from Things to Pick Up? list
    • Because it’s included in yoga
    • Kind of the goal anyways, to do it and then integrate it into my life


  • Yoga
    • 4 days a week for 6 weeks let’s go!!!!
  • Sleep
    • Getting up at 7 am is great
    • Not going to bed early enough is making me tired
      • Lots of phone looking at night
      • Can I reasonably cut that down? I’m unsure
  • Cleaning
    • Cleaning week this week
    • Assigned things and felt good about the spread
    • Not beating myself up as much if I have to move something to a diferent day

Something I’m proud of

  • Yoga!!!!!!
  • Boppin along more 🙂
  • Last weekend was tough but I came out of it and went really easy on myself during it