• Pod Save America
    • Amazing political podcast. Does all the yelling you have stored in your heart so you don’t feel as much adrift in the nonsense that’s going on.
  • My Brother, My Brother, and Me
    • An advice podcast that’s really just three wonderful brothers trying to make each other laugh.
    • Will make you miss your siblings and wish the McElroys were your best friends.
  • Reply All
    • As a human being who grew up on the internet and continues to love its silliness, these dudes tell hilarious and poingant stories related to the world wide web.


  • Set
    • Best game ever
  • Frog Juice
  • Zoombinis
  • Spy Fox
  • Pajama Sam
  • Freddi Fish
  • Reverse Hotseat
  • Shoulders
  • Dr. Killabrew
  • Taboo
  • Questions

Cute Things

  • Etsy
    • Obvi
    • Support small businesses


  • Elephant Pants
    • Way comfy pants that support elephants
  • Swankness Leggings
    • Crazy soft and cute leggings, not much $$ on Amazon

TV Shows

  • Parks and Recreation
    • Lovable cast, crying from laughing, wish your life was like this
  • Arrested Development
    • Damn good reference humor and situations that are unbelievable but made believable
  • Superstore
    • Consistently laugh out loud funny, great characters
  •  Timeless
    • Funny, caring, cute people (women and POC!) who time travel and discuss morals
  • The Good Place
    • Don’t read anything about this just watch the show, surprisingly good
  • The Mindy Project
    • Regardless of how self centered and silly you may feel, people love Mindy so they will love you
    • Kickass female doctor surrounded by funny people
      • Morgan especially
  • Saturday Night Live
    • It’s relevant again y’all
    • Gilda Radner in the early seasons is amazing
      • Steve Martin too


  • Productive
    • Obvi
    • If you want something chiller try Balanced
      • Same clean minimal look, calmer interaction
  • WhatsApp or Signal
    • End to end encryption is becoming more and more important
  • Google Sheets
    • Spreadsheets are literally my life
  • Spaceteam
    • Maybe the best game ever invented
  • Bandsintown
    • Scans your music library and alerts you to when bands will be in town
  • Shazam
    • A classic
  • Saved Websites
    • If you use it frequently, save it on your home screen
      • Mine are: public transportation times, pool hours, library hours
  • Lyft
    • A more conscientious company but obviously still not perfect
    • Helpful to use to get around cities
  • Splitwise
    • Put in house bills and it tells you who should pay who
  • ASMR Player
    • Gotta fall asleep somehow
  • Poshmark
    • Buy nice clothes for cheaper