Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup

~Dancing in my rain cliche~


  • 4/7 perfect days
    • Yooooooo
  • Exercise – yoga is going well
  • Resist – did my weekly representative calling
  • Weekly Rotation – preped for next week, laid out a plan
  • Actually crossed off Fiddle!!!
  • One a Day is plodding along 🙂


  • Priorities this week:
    • Sleep
    • Yoga
    • Fiddle
  • Was hard on myself in the middle of the week (Wednesday / Thursday) about TV watching
    • I’m tired on Thursdays
    • This morning I watched TV and once I felt done I did work
      • I reduced my feelings of guilt and it feels way nicer
  • I did a lot of cleaning last week
    • It was pretty good, trying to be nicer to myself about that as well
  • I am still late to things but I’m giving people more accurate estimates / updates and that is helping them, and me with guilt
    • Also not being around people that make me feel as guilty for being late


  • Yoga
    • Yoga in the mornings is great
      • Though I am not making my lunch
      • Hard to fit everything in (see Fiddle too)
  • Sleep
    • I vary when I wake up during the week
      • It matches my sleep schedule but isn’t very habit forming :/
  • Fiddle
    • Did practice once which is better than previous weeks
    • Hard to fit everything in
    • Consider bringing it to work once rain stops

Something I’m proud of

  • Yoga!!!!!!
    • Still yay
  • Thinking about how to be nicer to myself
  • Working on being alone and doing things so I can enjoy them

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