Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup

~Half day today~


  • 3/7 perfect days
  • Sunday – Monday was good for sleep and getting things done
  • Thursday late bedtime thoughhhh
  • Cardio and Fiddle Practice could use some help (again)
    • Lol
    • Also Resist. I was tired on Tuesday from doing other work
  • One a Day, Bed by 10:30, Weekly Rotation, Weekender going well
    • I’ve been “lenient” on weekly rotation and weekender because stressing about them is not helpful
    • For next week I think my weekly rotation is just going to be yoga again
    • But my arabic lesson was great!!!!!!
    • I have so many things I want to do!!!!!
  • Weekly appt on Thursday is great


  • This week was mellow
  • My new priorities thing is cool
  • I got the reading done I needed to before the meeting but that + sleep took most of my free energy


  • I didn’t prioritize cleaning this week
  • I moved sweeping to once every two weeks which will help I think


  • Yoga next Tuesday
  • Running next week??
    • Maybe????

Something I’m proud of

  • Weekly appointments are going great!!!!
  • My meeting yesterday was super great as well and I am excited
  • I have many things to look forward to!!
  • And great new music to listen to

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