Friday Round Up

Friday Round Up

It’s Friday!!!!!! And St. Patrick’s Day.


  • 3/7 perfect days
  • This week didn’t have any really bad slumps
    • Thursday night 11 pm bedtime wasn’t the most fun though
  • Cardio and Fiddle Practice could use some help (again)
  • One a Day, Bed by 10:30, Resist, Weekly Rotation, Weekender going well
    • Especially Weekly Rotation!!
  • Moved my weekly appointment to Thursday which helps early bedtime and early wake up
    • Because I can adjust from the weekend during the beginning of the week


  • Did a lot of cleaning last Sunday which was nice
  • Updated my whiteboard at home and am writing bigger, 1 thing per day which helps
    • Designated Sundays to me so I have time to get things done I want to
  • Things are going generally well, I should devote more time to my One a Days but they’re not totally being ignored.


  • Sweeping on Sunday was nice. Very homey feel.
  • Things are more spread out now which I like. Not all on one day


  • Yoga tomorrow?
  • Running next week??

Something I’m proud of

  • Weekly Rotation is exciting and fun and I’m happy I’m doing it
  • I went to yoga this week and maybe am going tomorrow
  • I have an Arabic lesson next week!!!!!
  • Overall during the past two weeks I have been way less anxious than before
    • Getting enough sleep is key
      • I need like 9 hours
    • And giving myself enough time to accomplish things
      • And realizing I do have enough time to accomplish things

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