Friday Round Up

Friday Round Up

How did we do this week?


  • 3/7 perfect days
  • Beginning of the work week was the best
  • Cardio and Fiddle Practice could use some help
  • One a Day, Bed by 10:30, Resist, Weekly Rotation, Weekender going well


  • Went well, I contacted a professor which I’m excited about
  • No entry for 3/6 but I had Doctor Day this past weekend and that counts for a lot
  • Started dividing up by Work & @ Home. It helps me feel less anxious about things to do
  • Also started scheduling stuff in my work calendar, then it feels like I have enough time to get everything done (because I do)


  • Going to try my only weekly thing (sweeping) on the weekend and see if that feels better
  • Cleaned the faces of my electronics. So nice.


  • See Productive check in
  • But yoga next week! (see below)

Something I’m proud of

  • I did a bunch of Weekly Rotation research!!!! Yoga next week. I’m excited.
  • I went to bed really early this week yayyyyy it helped so much I feel so much better

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