I have an interesting relationship with reading. Well, good interesting.

As a child I read all the time. My brother would complain that you had to say my name multiple times before I would pull myself out of a book and respond. I would check 10 books or more out of the library at a time and stagger to the car with them. I usually read fantasy with some realistic fiction thrown in (Sarah Dessen or John Green-esque).

When I got to college (and fell in the ditch) I stopped reading. Textbooks were overwhelming and when I had free time I was either partying or sleeping. When I became a junior I got a library card for the local library and would check out a book occasionally. Or just go there to be comforted.

Now that I have graduated I’m trying to read more. I got a Kindle and have somewhat picked up on fantasy again. It’s hard to totally get into reading for fun with my “anxiety about being productive” mindset. That’s why I’m trying to do more work and productive things at work so that when I got home I can spend my time how I want.

The lure of TV is strong though. It’s easier for me to get lost in a tv show now than in a book. And I think this is made more difficult by the complication of liking physical books but not wanting to carry them around (that’s where the Kindle comes in). So I will try to read more books for fun and do it on my Kindle. Or go to my local library and check books out.

My mom reads a lot of educational / better than pop science books. I think that for my future I want to get into that too. Reading psychology journals / articles / books. And books about geopolitics as well.


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