Explaining Things Page

Explaining Things Page

Things I Am Doing (and record on Productive)

  • Two a Days / Weekender
    • This is my main method of getting things done. Monday – Friday I choose two things to accomplish from my list of stuff (cleaning, reading, writing, etc). Once it’s done I put it into My Schedule and swipe it on Productive.
    • Weekender is for longer projects or going places (like Ross). I do one a weekend.
  • Writing
    • Always gotta write. I have a couple things I’m working on. This blog counts as writing too. I have writing prompted once a week.
  • Fiddle
    • I’m taking fiddle lessons. I try to practice my fiddle twice a week.
  • Resisting
    • This is on Tuesdays when I set up how I’m going to resist that week. Calling my representatives? Going to a rally?
  • Bed at 10 pm
    • I gotta try ya know? I do this Sunday – Thursday night.
  • Cardio
    • I’m still getting back into exercise. Cardio is once a week right now but will grow in the future. Especially because I read a study that said you need 6 weeks of 4 times a week exercise to form a habit. Usually I run, sometimes I bike.
  • Weekly Rotation
    • This is a new one I’m piloting. Every Thursday I pick something from the list below and fit it into the next week. I’ll report back on how it goes.

Things I Might Want to be Doing

  • Arabic
    • I studied Arabic in college. Gotta practice.
  • Spanish
    • I studied Spanish in high school and college. Gotta practice.
  • Hip hop
    • Dancing and exercise. Helps me be more coordinated.
  • Strength training
    • I just want to be able to do at least one pull up.
  • Band
    • I miss playing in a band.
  • Saxophone
    • Played as a child, useful for the band.
  • Swing dancing
    • Being able to dance in different styles is cool. And moving fast is fun.
  • Improv
    • I like making people laugh. I want to practice improv more.
  • Self defense / martial arts
    • Who doesn’t want to learn this??
  • Stretching
    • I am inflexible.

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