My Housemate

My Housemate

I live with three other people in a house. I first met one of my housemates at a Queer Grad Student event I snuck into (not being a grad student at the time). We graduated the same year from college and bonded over the fact that our significant others were current seniors. Long distance sucks. Luckily for my housemate (who we’ll call Jax) they stayed together with their SO and I now live with both of them.

The third housemate is the best Craigslist rando of all time. We put a pretty specific ad on Craigslist (LGBTQ+, POC friendly household, very clean, quiet, community building, etc) and the lady we found is great. She’s funny, interesting, and at this point definitely not a rando any more.

The housemate this post is about however is Jax.

Jax is a full time grad student who on weekday nights / weekends: goes rock climbing, sews clothing, plays fiddle, goes irish dancing, fixes things around the house, goes on bike rides, or goes hiking. The only time I really see Jax watching tv is while sewing or cuddling with their SO.

As I’m trying to get myself out of this ditch, I’m like damn dude look at you. Currently Jax is sewing a jacket in their free time because the one they want online doesn’t come in their size. Some days I don’t just not do work after work I also watch tv while at work.

But I’m trying to change that (obviously). So, things I could learn / pick up from Jax:

  • going to bed early and getting up early might allow me to be more productive
  • pick projects I’m excited about
  • give myself enough time for projects
  • do a little bit at a time and don’t get overwhelmed with the scope of the project
  • have fun while doing a project, don’t just look forward to the end goal

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