Fun Background

Fun Background

For the past three summers I have worked for a wonderful, crazy, stressful, hilarious, amazing children’s summer boarding school. You get to wear costumes, work 14 hour days, dance choreography with 200 elementary schoolers, occasionally cry in frustration, and hopefully make a difference in the lives of children.

Part of my job for the past two summers has been to schedule the day for all 80 staff members. Meetings, meals, field trips, off time, I put it all in. I loved, loved, loved this job. It combines my CS problem solving background with real people doing real things. It required an intense amount of brain power and more than a few spreadsheets. All this is to say that working a job with 50 things going on at once and 10 of them potentially going incorrectly, you have to be organized. (5 are guaranteed going wrong but you have to walk across campus to find out if the other 5 are as well.)

When I left the job this past summer (hopefully not forever?? Ugh)  I took with me skills around how to use my brain. More ease with sorting through things that can be dealt with now, things to deal with later, and things that should just be dumped into a spreadsheet. I started applying that organization to my life. Lists of things I could do when and where. An app to track habits, tracking my days in a spreadsheet, etc. This helped me manage my anxiety around getting things done and also helped me get things done.


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